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is an Indigenous Peoples-led nonprofit founded to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in Kenya with a particular focus on the Rift Valley Region. Among its activities relate to socio-economics and sustainable, culturally relevant development. The JAC aspires to provide a voice to champion for inclusion and equity towards a coordinated and systematic front.

Water Rising Report

Report on water rising levels in Lakes Baringo and Bogoria

 When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Endorois and Ilchamus in Marigat Sub-County in Kenya had already been experiencing fast-rising water levels in their lake systems due to among other causes, climate change affecting ecological balance and its rich biodiversity. The said rise in water levels became exponential in 2020 leading to disastrous environmental effects to the flora and fauna and displacement of villages and destruction of public utilities such as schools and dispensaries. Jamii Asilia Centre supported by Land is Life, commissioned scientific research into the issue, and has launched the report; and further documented socio-economic impacts on the affected persons.

Here is the report.

How to help?

Our people, both Endorois and Ilchamus, made recommendations for support in climate change interventions: further research, water quality, resettlement (land rights), empowerment to women & youth on fishing among others.

You can make your donation towards this course at this link.

Water Rising Report

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