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is an Indigenous Peoples-led nonprofit founded to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in Kenya with a particular focus on the Rift Valley Region. Among its activities relate to socio-economics and sustainable, culturally relevant development. The JAC aspires to provide a voice to champion for inclusion and equity towards a coordinated and systematic front.

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Current Programming and Milestones

Being a start-up organization, Jamii Asilia Centre has in its first year of existence made an incredible mark. When the pandemic hit, the Endorois and Ilchamus in Baringo Sub-County in Kenya had been experiencing fast-rising water levels in their lake systems – Lakes Baringo and Bogoria. Jamii Asilia, with the support of Land is Life, commissioned scientific research […]

Water Rising Report

Report on water rising levels in Lakes Baringo and Bogoria  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Endorois and Ilchamus in Marigat Sub-County in Kenya had already been experiencing fast-rising water levels in their lake systems due to among other causes, climate change affecting ecological balance and its rich biodiversity. The said rise in water levels […]

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