Policy Advocacy and Research

Policy and Research

Jamii Asilia Centre, as a truly indigenous-led organization—and at the grassroots level, in its advocacy efforts engages in representation of the indigenous peoples in its mandated areas. Our approaches to change or preserve the specific government and international agency programs affecting our indigenous communities. Our leadership has represented the Indigenous Peoples in national, regional as well as global mechanisms, including high-level decision-making events such as the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples Issues (UNPFII), United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), United Nations General Assembly, on the auspices of the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages (2019) African Union’s African Academy of Languages, UNESCO Youth Forum, Kenya Youth Biodiversity Network, among others. 
We build the capacity of the indigenous communities to participate meaningfully and possibly own ideas that other stakeholders front. Strategically, we interrogate evidence-based decision making.

With the culturally sensitive intervention, Jamii Asilia has designed programs and activities to adapt and mitigate measures to combat the most urgent agenda of our time; climate change.

Also, on a human rights-based approach, Jamii Asilia Centre will be engaging the members of the indigenous tribes from its area of mandate on relevant policies on governance and devolution.

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