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is an Indigenous Peoples-led nonprofit founded to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in Kenya with a particular focus on the Rift Valley Region. Among its activities relate to socio-economics and sustainable, culturally relevant development. The JAC aspires to provide a voice to champion for inclusion and equity towards a coordinated and systematic front.

Open Science and Traditional Knowledge

Open Science and Traditional Knowledge

Open Science is revolutionary, just like open source in the field of Information Technology. From the perspective of the communities that most universities and researchers collect knowledge from, I will share a few points.

Indigenous Peoples have compelling links to long-standing traditional knowledge systems on food, medicine, and even biodiversity conservation passed down and refined over thousands of years. Now, the world focuses on these to solve the most pressing issues, such as climate change.

I believe that open science is about transparency and accessibility of shared knowledge. Access to expertise in IP communities, who for often is inconvenienced. Sometimes research outcomes are denting in human rights issues such as piracy.

I know of – bio-piracy if transparency and openness are deployed while decolonizing the entire idea to realize opportunities to co-create.

That means the Human Rights-Based Approach needs to be intertwined to sort of strengthen the idea.

Open science asks for knowledge to be part of everyday lives; language, culture, spirituality and wellbeing. Therefore, it should not be restricted – get it back to the communities where you collected from – disseminate.

Open Science and Traditional Knowledge

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