Carson Kiburo

Executive Director at Jamii Asilia Centre

Carson is a youth leader and a community organizer from the Endorois of Kenya. He works on indigenous people’s rights, youth empowerment, and global governance.

Carson’s journey and inspiration to commit his life to serve the indigenous peoples were powered by the Tribal Link Foundation’s Project Access Capacity Building training for Indigenous Peoples in 2018 in New York – a program that supports Indigenous Peoples’ participation in multi-stakeholder forums where decisions are being made that affect their human rights, lands and resources, cultures, and livelihoods. It focuses, as a start, on how to engage the United Nations system. 

Carson has extensive human rights training background; University of Pretoria’s Centre for Human Rights’ Advanced Human Rights – Indigenous Peoples Rights at the Faculty of Law, Defenders Coalition Human Rights Academy, etc. Currently, he’s the immediate former co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus.

Proudly, he among the 13 youth co-authored “Global Indigenous Youth: Through Their Eyes”, the first book to focus on Indigenous youth issues globally, in collaboration with Global Indigenous Youth Caucus and Institute for The Study of Human Rights, published by Columbia University, New York.

Carson is particularly interested in intertwining cultural heritage and traditional knowledge with scalable, sustainable development.

Carson Kiburo studies law at Kabarak University in Kenya.

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