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is an Indigenous Peoples-led nonprofit founded to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in Kenya with a particular focus on the Rift Valley Region. Among its activities relate to socio-economics and sustainable, culturally relevant development. The JAC aspires to provide a voice to champion for inclusion and equity towards a coordinated and systematic front.

Indigenous Women

Indigenous Women Tailored Programs

Jamii Asilia Women-Led and coordinated team, leads, designs and implements programs in the key result area of socio-economic empowerment of indigenous women. 

We aim to promote sustainable rights-based approaches to building capacity, improving livelihoods, food sovereignty and health.

In its first year of operations, and happening just when the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, Jamii Asilia Centre stepped in to help Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) who needed much support as Community Health Volunteers. Expectant women feared accessing health services due to the fear of exposure to the virus in hospitals as well as the heavy hand of the security agencies who have the mandate of enforcing restricted movement order issued by the government of Kenya with an aim of slowing the spread of the virus, violated the orders by carrying out arbitrary arrests, shootings, assault, extortion and torture of people who failed to adhere to curfew hours.

Jamii Asilia Centre with the support of One Young World, donated delivery packages to the community health volunteers in the Endorois communities of Kapkuikui, Loboi and Sandai in Baringo County.

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