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is an Indigenous Peoples-led nonprofit founded to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in Kenya with a particular focus on the Rift Valley Region. Among its activities relate to socio-economics and sustainable, culturally relevant development. The JAC aspires to provide a voice to champion for inclusion and equity towards a coordinated and systematic front.


Environment Program

World over, environmental changes include climate change, freshwater shortages, loss of biodiversity (with consequent changes to the functioning of ecosystems), and exhaustion of fisheries. The areas inhabited by the Indigenous minorities in Kenya are by means exempted. 

Indigenous Peoples and ecosystems are very central to their lands. Jamii Asilia Centre is indigenous-led; designs programs based on the Indigenous Peoples view of nature. The continued degradation of the world’s biodiversity is worrying, and most of the indigenous peoples lands are staring at desertification.

What’s needed is ecosystem regeneration based on scientific as well as Indigenous Peoples knowledge systems especially in cultural biodiversity. Key in sustainability, we believe, is harnessing in harnessing intergenerational sharing systems. 

When the pandemic hit, Jamii Asilia rolled out tree planting activity among our school-going kids within the Endorois communities. JAC, with the support of our partner One Young World, was able to distribute 1,000 tree seedlings in 11 primary schools within Marigat Sub-County. These primary schools are Kaptombes, Kapkuikui, Poi Hill, Sugutek, Loboi, Lake Bogoria, Sandai, Chepkotoyan, Tuiyono, Mbechot and finally Cheploch primary schools. The team further held motivational talks and guidance and counselling sessions in 5 schools that was led by a motivational speaker, psychologist, and academician Miss Jacqueline Kandagor who is a PhD candidate and a tutorial fellow at Kabianga University.

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