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Barasa Kiptoo


Barasa Kiptoo is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a human rights defender with over eight years hands-on experience working with the protection and promoting the rights of vulnerable members of the society.

Barasa studies LL.M (Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy) at the University of Arizona, Tuscon.

Carson Kiburo

Executive Director/Co-founder

A youth leader and a community organizer from the Endorois of Kenya. He works on indigenous people’s rights, youth empowerment, and global governance. Carson has extensive human rights training background. Currently a student of law at Kabarak University.

Winnie Moimett


A registered Clinical Nutritionist and a lecturer at Kenya Medical Training College. She is a strong community advocate who is passionate about women and children health. She is currently the Project Coordinator for Indigenous Women Program.

Edwin Kebeni

Board Member

Edwin is a business lecturer and a PhD candidate at the University of Nairobi. Passionate about sustainable business practices that promote ethics and an inclusive approach, Edwin brings corporate governance and local communities-centred approach to JAC.

Evans Lokabel


A development planning economist with an MA in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi. He is an accomplished Strategy, Program Design and Implementation, public policy, Partnerships and Resource Development specialist,

Regina Biwott

Board Member

Regina is an entrepreneur. She brings on board strategic partnerships to spearhead business empowerment among the women in the community while also focusing on tackling retrogressive cultures like FGM.

Winnie Sengwer


An indigenous woman from the Sengwer Indigenous Community from Embobut & Kabolet. Winnie is passionate about indigenous peoples human rights issues that include land rights, climate change and biodiversity conservation and her advocacy revolves around it. At JAC she represents Kenya Indigenous Youth Kenya.

Milka Chepkorir


For the last 6 years, she has been working with her Sengwer community to address land tenure issues in Embobut and Kabolet forests, their ancestral lands. Milka has a special interest in gender issues and has been working with the women and the elders in her community to have women included in the community land rights struggles.

Dominica Zhu

Advisor, Co-Director of Revitalize the Roots Initiative

Dominica is an Asian diaspora with roots in the Tai/Tibetian communities and follows her mother’s lineage of traditional Chinese medicine and healing. She is the Founding Director of Global Wisdom Collective, a group focused on facilitating collaboration and programming in protecting indigenous knowledge and key cultural lifeways pertinent to and alongside indigenous and diaspora communities that would otherwise be at threat of extinction. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Revitalize the Roots Initiative. Dominica is an experienced practitioner in the social justice, cultural preservation, and government space, utilizing humanitarian principles to foster understanding and change that is both subtle and profound.

Jeruto Kiptoo

Administrative Officer

Jeruto is indigenous of the Endorois. She’s a governance practitioner on indigenous women rights. He’s a fellow at FIMI Global Leadership School

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